Learning more about eBusiness and applications that can help

EBusiness graphicOn September 25th, 2014, Nova Scotia’s Department of Economic Rural Development & Tourism, St. Mary’s University’s Sobey School of Business and the Nova Scotia Community Access Program launched a new online tool for Nova Scotia businesses.

This toolkit will show different areas of online engagement and importance and will show you how to;

  •  better connect with customers and clients
  •  be competitive in a digital environment
  •  make the most effective changes based on resources
  •  streamline processes for greater efficiency.

Try the toolkit to discover options to help your business or organization: eBusiness Tool


Robotics Program

VCCAPS’ Summer Robotics Program has seen robotics introduced to cyber camp kids at Iona C@P Site. Participants found it an interesting challenge and together they built a robot that moved. The Program will be offered at Baddeck Library C@P Site in August….read more

In keeping with the Robot theme, other types of robots are also being introduced. Watch these videos to see a Duck Robot and a Propeller Racer Robot in action.