Welcome C@P Youth Interns

Victoria County C@P Sites are up & running and ready for the season. This summer, we’re celebrating 15 years participating in the Summer Youth Initiative (SYI) which hires local youth as C@P Interns.This summer, Victoria County CAP Sites (VCCAPS) is excited to be working with a team of 6 youth who are bright, talented and full of ideas and ready to offer our regular services, like cyber camps, skill development training, assistance to small business and of course, access to the Internet.

C@P Sites are encouraging users to “Learn @ CAP” this summer. Stop by a Site near you and learn something new – perhaps it’s learning how to use your smart phone or use social media (Facebook, Twitter).  Our History & Heritage theme will offer opportunities for personal history collections to be digitized and skills development training for basic computer, digital picture management and much more.

Samantha MacKinnon, Youth Intern Coordinator with VCCAPS shares her past C@P experience. “In 2005, I was lucky enough to have worked as a youth intern and I could not be more thrilled to be back with the VCCAPS organization. My experiences with C@P have gone a long way. Throughout my university years the skills that I acquired while working with C@P were useful tools. As a new teacher, those skills have only added to how I am able to teach and bring things alive for students. We live in a world where technology is at our fingertips and we need to embrace technology to engage not only our youth but ourselves. My experience with C@P has opened doors for me personally by teaching and building skill sets that work in any variety of fields and workplaces.”

VCCAPS acknownledges the support of the Student Employment Program, Canada Summer Jobs &  NS Economic & Rural Development & Tourism in partnership with the jobsHere initiative.

We look forward to seeing you this summer and be sure to visit www.vccaps.com for more information.

Left –Right: Samantha MacKinnon, Summer Youth Coordinator; Youth Interns: Miguel DeMello – Middle River; Michael MacKenzie –Iona; Adam Sheppard – Iona; Marilyn Solomon – Bay St. Lawrence; Alison Holmes – Baddeck.


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