Local History & Heritage

Victoria County C@P Sites Association (VCCAPS) is excited to begin working on a their latest Project Initiative, Victoria County History & Heritage Network. (Flyer)

The History & Heritage Project will work with seniors, community volunteers and organizations to:

  • Create a learning and social opportunity for seniors that will encourage skill development and social interaction through technology.
  • Encourage seniors to share & present their knowledge, skills and interest in community history & heritage.
  • Grow a collection of information accessible, online, through digitized images, text, audio recordings and videos by providing an accessible place on the Internet for sharing and viewing collected material (landmarks, ancestors, local history, etc).

The Project is encouraging seniors to take an active role and showcase their knowledge and their community’s growth by sharing their stories and material relevant to their community.

Training opportunities will assist individuals and groups in building their capacity of content and to learn new applications and techniques.

By creating a mobile digital collection opportunity, seniors will have easy accessibility so they can share content and have their collections digitized and enjoy the convenience of the “project” coming to them.

Heritage has a human face and VCCAPS would like to help share the faces of history with the youth of our community today and in the future. Let us help you to tell your stories and preserve them as a digitized collection to share with future generations.

If you have any ideas or items your group would like some help with, keep us in mind as we would be happy to help you in any way we can. To contact us phone, 725-2760 or email donna@vccaps.com or annette@vccaps.com,  History & Heritage Project Team.


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