3D Printing

C@P Networks in Nova Scotia are learning about 3D printing, which is a process of making a three dimensional solid object of just about any shape. Read more

Read more information on 3D printing…..follow this link to learn more….


Efficiency Through Technology

The NS C@P Program recently partnered with The Saint Mary’s University Business Development Centre (SMUBDC) and proposes to create and deliver workshops throughout Nova Scotia to create awareness of and promote the development and usage of digital technology and social media for small businesses. The goal of this project is to provide participants with practical tips, best practices and applications they can utilize to grow their business social media presence and enable them to remain competitive in a digital environment.

We are hoping to host a workshop in Victoria County (probably in Baddeck) and need 10 businesses to participate. The cost of a workshop would be $49.00 plus tax for each business participating and is a day long workshop that would include lunch.
The following link provides additional information: Efficiency Through Technology
Contact Donna MacDonald for more information
Email: donna@vccaps.com
Phone: 725-2760

Winter, 2013, Webinar Series

The Victoria County Recreation & Tourism Dept, Baddeck NS, is pleased to announce the 2013 Victoria County Tourism Webinar series.

The purpose of the series is to help the tourism industry prepare and get ready for the upcoming 2013 tourism season.

The 1st webinar of the series, “Getting Started with E-mail Marketing (using Mailchimp) with Jamie Vander Kooi, Technical Co-ordinator, TIAPEI.  will take place Tuesday, January 29th, 2013 at 12:00 noon Atlantic Standard time (Halifax) . There is no cost for this webinar. The webinar is expected to be 35 minutes long.


Local History & Heritage

Exploring Victoria County’s history & heritage by engaging local seniors to share stories and memories is part of Victoria County CAP Sites Association’s “Local History & Heritage Project”.

In partnership with the Nova Scotia Department of Senior’s Positive Aging Program and the VCCAPS Fall/Winter Youth Project, VCCAPS Association is providing opportunities for seniors, both as participants and recipients, to share stories and experiences as well learning new skills. Training sessions are available on various topics including; scanning photos and creating forms of multimedia like videos and slideshows.

The Project is also offering mobile digital collection opportunities, which will assist in building a network of content related to history & heritage and help develop the digital skills of residents. These glimpses of history & heritage will be preserved for future generations and will reflect how our heritage and culture is steeped in local industries and traditions.

If you would like to learn more about the Project, take part in training or have material digitized and preserved, please contact:

Annette – 295- 1737 – annette@vccaps.com


Donna – 725-2760 -donna@vccaps.com


To access mobile collection opportunities, please choose a location most convenient for you.

Bay St. Lawrence C@P Site Phone: 383-3664 Email: daniellef@vccaps.com
Baddeck Library C@P Site Phone: 295-2055 Email: samantha@vccaps.com or meaghan@vccaps.com
Middle River Area Phone: 295-1737 Email: annette@vccaps.com
Central Cape Breton Area Phone: 725-2760 Email: donna@vccaps.com


For more information on training courses for individuals or small business, blog development or information technology needs, please visit www.vccaps.com.