Community Communication Project

This Highspeed Community Communication Project – Sept, 2010-Mar, 2011 – for Victoria County, sponsored by VCCAPS Association in partnership with  the Nova Scotia Department of Economic and Rural Development and the Municipality of the County of Victoria, is a 6 month project from September, 2010 to February, 2011.

The project work will  increase awareness and show the benefits of using Highspeed applications for community organizations, small business owners, non-profit organizations’ volunteers, youth, seniors and other community members in Victoria County. This first phase focuses on online conferencing  software research and applications involving community partners.

This project is sponsored by Nova Scotia Department of Economic Development in partnership with the Victoria County Recreation & Tourism Department and the Victoria County CAP Sites Association.

 A Project Coordinator and a Researcher/Trainer will work with communities to:

  •  increase  awareness and knowledge of highspeed applications for communication and training purposes
  •  provide online opportunities for communities to communicate easier among organizations and small businesses ie. online meetings
  •  increase the community collaboraton and provide opportunities for economic development in our global world
  • research & collect information on new web tools and test and evaluate applications
  • have community groups and businesses actively using highspeed applications for communication and training
  • form new partnerships and discover creative solutions for working together in a rural setting

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