Community Connection Project

Community Connection’s Youth Education Learning Program

Follow the link to learn about this program….Community Connection & YELP

VCCAPS’ Community Connection Project – Nov, 2011-Mar, 2012  is a two part project, which will run for 20 weeks and will integrate local youth with our community seniors, volunteers and organizations. It will provide a Youth Educational Learning Program – YELP- and provide access to a virtual Community Connection Portal, which will consist of training opportunities for social media, computer use, communication tool use and more.  On demand and real-time user support & training will be available as well as tutorials, manuals and communication software (online meeting software).  There will be opportunities for webinar development, training and user support.

Part I – YELP – Today’s youth have grown up with computers and other technology. They are often the first ones in society to adopt a new technology and have been the strength behind the growth of popular communication methods, such as email, Facebook, and texting. The YELP, or Youth Education and Leadership Program, would target local youth who are looking for opportunities to build work and life-related skills and gain volunteer experience. The youth will be trained on how to teach computer skills to community members seeking to upgrade their skills. They will learn a variety of basic computer skills, such as knowledge of individual computer parts, using email and Facebook, using digital cameras with computers, and other skills depending on participant’s needs and youth’s abilities. Youth would be provided with instruction and guidance on how to teach others, focusing on patience, respect, appropriate language (or avoiding confusing computer jargon), active listening, and body language.

Part II – Community Connection Portal – will focus on areas of social & multi media access & usage and web communication tools.  This component will provide the necessary web tools, training and support for community organizations, volunteers, youth and seniors to participate in online meetings, web conferencing/webinars and blog development. Information, links, resources and general information about web and digital technologies will be accessible. Real-time training, practice sessions and on-demand learning opportunities will be available. Access to online meeting software, specialized training & tutorials, plus a network of resources will be accessible through this portal.  Community and organization members will help provide development and support of this public and community based portal.

  • The Project will include research and training on the most effective methods of setting up computer skill workshops for seniors, volunteers, community organizations and business.
  • It will increase skill development for youth and provide them with resources, tools and support to provide skill training to others.
  • It will utilize the resources already set-up within the CAP Community and utilize current partners and seek new partners to continue the build for a strong community network.
  • It will fill a need for seniors in Victoria County looking for affordable, comfortable and positive –learning experiences.
  • Free training material and videos will be created for future training and will be made available on VCCAPS Community Connection Portal.
  • This Project will fill a need in Victoria County for more training and user support for web conferencing and digital technologies.

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