History & Heritage Project

VCCAPS is pleased to announce their latest project initiative as a continuation of the Summer  Youth Projects.

This past summer, Victoria County CAP Sites Association (VCCAPS) worked on developing a “Community History & Heritage Pilot Project” as a way to explore our county’s rich heritage & history and find ways to preserve it for generations to come.

Youth began collecting stories, memories and information about their C@P communities and developing the content into video and snap shots of the past. Local history was explored and in some cases, community elders were interviewed to complete the picture.

VCCAPS Youth Coordinator Samantha MacKinnon says, “The support for this project is what was most exciting for us. People were thrilled to be a part of our projects and we were equally thrilled to have their involvement and support.”

This support has lead to a continuation of this project.

This fall & winter VCCAPS’  History & Heritage Project, will work with seniors, community volunteers and organizations to:

  • Create a learning and social opportunity for seniors that will encourage skill development and social interaction through technology.
  • Encourage seniors to share & present their knowledge, skills and interest in community history & heritage.
  • Grow a collection of information accessible, online, through digitized images, text, audio recordings and videos by providing an accessible place on the Internet for sharing and viewing collected material (landmarks, ancestors, local history, etc).
  • Provide workshops and opportunities for community seniors to learn how to digitize text and images that will assist community heritage organizations improve their skill development in relation to digital media and new technologies (mobile apps, GPS, data collection, etc).
  • Help showcase a community’s growth and senior’s knowledge by collecting material relevant to the community and encourage seniors to take an active role.
  • Assist individuals and groups in building their capacity of content and learn new applications and techniques.
  • Create a mobile digital collection opportunity that is easily accessible to seniors so they can share content, have their collections digitized and enjoy the convenience of the “project” coming to them.

VCCAPS Association has a 13 year history of project development and implementation with a focus on seniors and this experience has helped develop many partnerships and a reputation of excellent service.

The project staff hopes there will be a continued support and enthusiasm for the project .

View our Flyer to see how our project can help you and your organization.

Our Project Staff would like to help create a community showcase of the various communities in Victoria County and provide an avenue online by which these collections can be shared.

View existing collections


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