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We’re in the development stages of preparing a program that teaches kids how to build and program robots.


The picture shows a Lego Mindstorm Tribot that can move, dance and respond to sound. This robot is the base of many innovative creations we hope to build through our club.   We begin by building the robot from Lego Mindstorm NXT kits and add motor rotations, touch, sound, light and ultrasonic sensors. After the robot is built, the robot can be programmed to interactive with its environment.

Working with the robotics program will help youth learn valuable skills such as science, technology and team work – all while incorporating fun!  Youth will be excited about building their own robotic creations, controlling them and gaining programming and building skills.

No experience necessary!  

Our program is developed to be FUN and EASY.  Youth between the ages of 6 – 96 can join.   At this time, we are offering the program, free of charge, but donations are gladly accepted to help sustain the future of the program.

Each club meeting will run 1.5 hours, 2 days a week for 4 weeks. There will be 8 modules covered that include 5 components:

  • Introduction
  • Build
  • Program
  • Test
  • Clean up

Our starting date will be announced soon, but for now, if you need more information, please contact


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